This is a course designed for those interested in studying in the Islamic Seminaries.

This full-time one-year course will give the necessary foundations, focusing on Arabic, and introducing the student to the other Islamic sciences.

The aim is to prepare students and to equip them with the tools, knowledge and skills to commence their dreams in studying in the Central Islamic Seminaries, such as the Hawzah Ilmiyyah of al-Najaf al-Ashraf.



On successful completion of the Course and achievement of the Diploma, the student will be aided in embarking on his journey in the Central Seminaries for further studies.

The focus of the Course will be on Arabic, which will include the following subjects:
  • Arabic morphology
  • Arabic grammar and syntax
  • Arabic language
  • Quranic Arabic

Alongside Arabic, the following subjects will also be taught: Theology, Ethics, Islamic Laws, Islamic History, etc.

The Pre-Hawzah Arabic Diploma Course will be taught by experienced scholars and teachers, under the supervision of the Director, HIWM Allama Zafar Abbas.

The Pre-Hawzah Arabic Diploma Course will commence in September 2018, and is a full-time one-year course (September to June), and will take place in Watford.


The total fee for this course is £550.

This fee may be paid in instalments, and there are limited scholarships available.

Further details will be provided in the enrolment process.


The Pre-Hawzah Arabic Diploma Course is open to all brothers aged 18 years and above.

An application form must be completed and submitted.

At least one referee will be required, who can attest to the applicant's faith and good character. The referee must be a qualified scholar or a recognised Shia Islamic organisation.

Applicants who are successful in the first stage of the process will then be called for an interview.

Applicants will need to demonstrate their desire to study with commitment and sincerity in the application form and in the personal interview.


Download the application form here.

Applicants must complete it and submit it to

For further information on the Course, eligibility, or the application process, contact us.

Wisdom Quotes

  • “The seeker of knowledge is the pillar of Islam.”

    — The Holy Prophet p.b.u.h

  • “Wisdom is to keep quite rather than speaking to prove yourself wise to the unwise.”

    — Imam Ali a.s (Quote 2)

  • “Life is of two days, One day in your favor and other day against you. In the favoring day donot be proudy and in the tough day be patient”

    — Imam Ali a.s (Quote 2)

  • “Save yourself from a hungry good guy, and a full of stomach bad buy ”

    — Imam Ali a.s (Quote 2)

  • “Always speak the truth, so you never have to swear”

    — Imam Ali a.s (Quote 2)

  • “Someone asked The Holy Prophet p.b.u.h. How far is Heaven. The Holy Prophet p.b.u.h replied just two steps. Put one step on your Nafs and the second goes into Heaven...”

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