The Muballigh Course


The purpose of the Muballigh Course was to impart such Islamic knowledge to members of the Shia community that will enable them to serve the community in various capacities as sources of religious guidance, thus being able to take the responsibilities of the mihrab and the mimbar.

 The Course

The course syllabus included the following subjects:

  • Arabic language
  • Pesian language
  • Quran and Hadeeth
  • Islamic Ethics
  • Jurisprudence
  • Muntiq – Islamic Logic
  • Islamic Theology
  • Priniciples of Jurisprudence
  • Seerah and History

This course took place during the weekends in Watford and Manchester.

After several years of running this course, we have discontinued it, to make way for the new Quranic Arabic Course.

Wisdom Quotes

  • “The seeker of knowledge is the pillar of Islam.”

    — The Holy Prophet p.b.u.h

  • “Wisdom is to keep quite rather than speaking to prove yourself wise to the unwise.”

    — Imam Ali a.s (Quote 2)

  • “Life is of two days, One day in your favor and other day against you. In the favoring day donot be proudy and in the tough day be patient”

    — Imam Ali a.s (Quote 2)

  • “Save yourself from a hungry good guy, and a full of stomach bad buy ”

    — Imam Ali a.s (Quote 2)

  • “Always speak the truth, so you never have to swear”

    — Imam Ali a.s (Quote 2)

  • “Someone asked The Holy Prophet p.b.u.h. How far is Heaven. The Holy Prophet p.b.u.h replied just two steps. Put one step on your Nafs and the second goes into Heaven...”

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